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Customer Pictures & Testimonials

T from Austin

NS from Austin

We invite you to send us pictures to post and look forward to seeing your updos!

I don't know if other people send you pictures of your Ketylos in action, but I thought you would be interested to see how beautiful your sticks and forks are once in the hair. So I send you hereby some pics I took from different colors and sizes of Ketylos in my hair. And for you to fully understand how much I care for my hair, I also send you a picture of it down. I think you will undertsand how important it is for me to have found such perfectly designed and comfortable tools !


Thanks again for your wonderful work and I hope you'll enjoy the pics !  

MH from Switzerland

Thank you so much Ladies ~


Your pictures are wonderful and very much appreciated.  Each picture shows an individual in an updo - yet there will never be two exactly alike.  


I never get tired of checking out someone's hair and design ~ do you?  ~ and, it is great fun to see the Ketylos in such great pics!


I know the Ketylos hold hair securely.  I use them all the time.  Every day - and I have for at least 10 years.  More, like 15.  They are the best.    


Thank you for sending the pics.  We will be adding more pics and your comments (with your permission) as time goes by.  


Please, keep sending your good ideas, too. They help us grow


V from Canada.

V from Canada.

Here is a link to a How-To video for using Moon Forks.

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