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Hello!  Thank you for choosing KETYLO!


We make the Original Ketylo Corkscrew Hair Products ~ and have expanded our product line from the Ketylo Corkscrew Hairsticks to include our Ketylo Hairforks, Ketylo Card Cases, and a variety of Ketylo boxes (coming soon).  Just wait till you see these - you will love them!

Kevin hand makes each Ketylo Product posted to our site or that are sold through our International Distributors.  He continues to come up with great ideas ~ many of which are a result of your comments and suggestions.  We need you to keep telling us your thoughts on how we can best meet your needs and desires. 


One thing you will find out about Ketylo Corkscrew Hair Products is that they have true holding power. They will not fall out of your hair like traditional straight or tapered hairsticks.  The corkscrew interlocks with your hair to hold securely.   They work and are beautiful works of art.

Our fully functioning wood shop is located in the Hoosier National Forest in Mitchell, Indiana.   Mitchell is the primary location for Treasures from the Tree, the parent company for Ketylo Corkscrew Hairsticks.  

As we continue to build our business, we are very grateful for today's global technology that helps us share our products with individuals around the world.  Further, we are grateful for the ancient, but very effective, mechanism of "word of mouth" that has been instrumental in the steady growth of our products. 

We sincerely thank you for your support.  As our business continues to grow, we've got some surprises for you!  Kevin is a fine and very creative wood artist.  In His time Kevin will introduce you to many of his other creative works.  Feel free to call us at anytime with ideas, suggestions, or concerns (812-276-6205).

Kevin is meticulous with his craftsmanship.  You will be completely satisfied with our products and our customer service.  We want you to be thankful that you chose Ketylo and we want you to enjoy the pleasure of using simple and elegant functional art.  Blessings to you! 



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