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Welcome to Ketylo!  All items featured on this site are available. Check back often as new items will be posted on a regular basis. 

Temporary sale, buy 3 sticks and get a 4th free one of your choice.

To make an inquiry please email: 

or text 812-276-6205

I am now making the Crescent Moon Forks, formerly a specialty of Shirl Ann of RavensCroft.  It is an honor and a privilege that Shirl Ann entrusted her design to me.  It is a true gift.  Thank you Shirl Ann. 

Ketylo Tri-Laminate Moon Fork

ketylo corkscrew hair sticks hairsticks hair fork hairfork wood box treasures from the tree hand made handmade woodart art ravenscroft moon fork moonfork cardcase card case exotic hardwood dymondwood acrylic ebony figured 

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